The effects of unstable politics and globalization on the culture and lifestyle of diverse communities are obvious. In addition to living human life, it is necessary to develop human sense and consciousness. The degradation of present society, as well as the lack of creativity and consciousness, is at the root of people’s limitless imperfection and natural disasters. Artists cannot avoid this responsibility. As Wrapped in colored fake packed of civilization did not complement the aspirations of the so-called society, the artists remained stagnant. “Shwasmul Arts” series project “Nature-Study and Creation” seeks to break this deadlock and connect art practice with people and nature.


Nature-Study and Creation – I
Community Based Art
Curator: Khandakar Nasir Ahammed
5th – 12th March, 2021
Venue: Sugandha Abasik, Nijkhamar, Khulna


Akash Mandal
Joy Das
Sadia Islam
Mounita Day
Amiable Ami
Samia Islam
Asma Sadia
Gobinda Malakor
Oindrela Hazra
Sheikh Mohammed Sumon
Chanchal Kumar Biswas
Khairul Hasan
Nazrul Islam
Uzzal Kundu
Moni Majhi


Coordinator: Moinuddin Moni (Moni Majhi)
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