Gum Print Workshop
Workshop Demonstrator – Artist Md Wahiduzzaman Bhuian
Coordinator: Moinuddin Moni (Moni Majhi)
Date: 03rd – 15th January, 2021
Venue: Palok Studio, Nirala, Khulna, Bangladesh

Shwasmul, “Breathing for Arts,” is a platform of fresh air for creative souls. It is an open space for contemporary art and artists, and through the amalgamation of collective forms of art and open discussion, with relevance to the historical, modern, and quaint social-political-cultural connectivity of the southern part of Bangladesh, Shwasmul is always inclined to explore unexplored talents.
Gum print, also known as gum dichromate, is an ancient medium that has been used for printmaking for over a century. One of the benefits of gum print is that it can be done without the need for a printmaking studio facility, as the process can be done in a darkroom or even outdoors. The final result is a print with a dreamy, ethereal quality, and a unique, one-of-a-kind appearance. The process is also versatile, allowing for experimentation with different colors and textures. This ancient medium helps contemporary artists rediscover the possibilities of gum print and incorporate it into their work.
As its first program, Shwasmul recently organized a week-long workshop on gum printing and is working passionately to make this type of program happen regularly.

Workshop Participants
Sadia Islam
Amiabal Ami
Samia Islam
Asma Sadia
SM Aanik Shasan
Sumon Mallick
Istiak Mahmood Shaon
Masud-un Nabi
Nazrul Islam
Moni Majhi.
Searching of Expression
Curator: Tarun Ghosh
Workshop Participants
Fahima Hossain Momi
Anamika Sraboni
Md. Saifullah Abir
Rukeyya Khanam
Aishee Jyoti Golder
Buddho Dev Mondal
Shantwana Shahrin
Khairul Hasan
Rawnak Hasan Rono
Chitram Sen Anik
Aronno Bangali
Bishwajit Roy
Moni Majhi